Stomping Kittens: a Punching Babies sequel!

Adron J. Smitley
2 min readSep 13, 2022

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Stomping Kittens is the long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed writing manual ‘Punching Babies: a how-to guide’ by award-winning and best-selling fantasy author Adron J. Smitley. Inside, the aspiring author will discover everything they need to know on how best to plot their first novel, specifically fantasy, from the spark of an idea to a finished book. Stomping Kittens guides you by the hand with its unique and highly detailed First Fantasy Novel Chapter By Chapter Blueprint Formula while also filled to the brim with writing knowledge that is guaranteed to help you create stories of every genre, providing an entire college worth of writing education in mere hours of reading you are sure to reference over and again throughout your writing career. Stomping Kittens lays out everything for you in detail, from the essentials of great three-dimensional character creation, a plethora of plot formulas and how to apply them, a thorough explanation of the structure of Acts and their essential plot points, the best way to build dramatic story structure architecture, and how to apply the necessary flaw vs. virtue argument as the spine of your story and the soul of its protagonist, all while affording you tons of examples from movies for quick ease of reference which are deconstructed for you while the entire process of writing your first fantasy novel is explained in simple detail.
Also included is Adron’s NaNoWriMo Novel Generator.
If you read only one book on writing . . . this should be that book!
So grab your high heels and get ready to make writing your novel as easy as Stomping Kittens!

STOMPING KITTENS: a Punching Babies sequel Amazon: $2.99 digital, $9.99 paperback, or FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
PUNCHING BABIES : how to make plotting your novel as easy as punching babies! Amazon: $2.99 digital, $4.99 paperback, or FREE with Kindle Unlimited!



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