On Writing Well


From award-winning and best-selling fantasy author Adron J. Smitley comes On Writing Well: a collection of teaching articles advising everything plot, character creation and relationships, flaws and virtues, theme and premise, logline construction, productive writing and editing, self-publishing, and detailed explanations into essential dramatic story structure architecture that will leave never a dull moment in your next great novel regardless the genre.

Guiding you with proven techniques from first draft to finished manuscript, On Writing Well provides both novice and veteran writers a wellspring of insights into the cunning art of how best to master your writing craft to its fullest potential.


ON WRITING WELL : everything the aspiring writer needs on plot, character, and essential dramatic story structure architecture. Amazon: $2.99 digital, $9.99 paperback, or FREE with Kindle Unlimited!



Adron J. Smitley

Blog for writers on everything plot, character, and story structure architecture at: adronjsmitley.blogspot.com