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Adron J. Smitley
5 min readMay 22, 2022

If you are an aspiring author or writer then ask yourself the following imperative questions:

Are you stuck on your unfinished first draft and don’t know where to take your story next?

Do you have only an idea for your potential novel but are unsure how to write that pesky first draft you’ve yet to start?

Is your first draft finished but you possess no knowledge of editing?

Are you a Pantser interested in learning how to plot?

Is your first draft finished but is a complete mess and you don’t know how to fix it?

Are your characters flat and boring?

Does your story lack focus and is more a collection of random events than an actual plot?

Do you have only a germ of an idea and need help with outlining your potential novel?

Are you a beginning writer and have no idea what you want to write only that you want to write something?

Are you planning to partake in NaNoWriMo but have no idea where to begin or how to do it?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then have no fear because I can help you.


I’m Adron J. Smitley. I’m the recipient of 7+ novel awards, I’ve been #1 on two of Amazon’s best seller lists, and I’ve published over fifteen books to date. One of my manuals on writing (Punching Babies: a how-to guide) is used by the Hollywood industry to teach film studio classes about how best to plot their screenplays. I have 30+ years of writing experience, and I want to help you make your novel or potential novel the best it can be as your expert novel consultant!

I specialize in fantasy/romance, action/adventure, sword & sorcery, plotting and editing, three-dimensional character creation and application, how to define and develop great protagonists and antagonists, how best to include subplots, improve writing productivity, shorten the length of your rewriting and editing process . . . as well a plethora of other areas too vast for naming.

Process: If you are interested in my help, contact me either through here (CONTACT; please put “Novel Consultation” at the beginning of your email) or contact me through Facebook here:; please put “Novel Consultation” at the beginning of your message.

There are two methods of novel consultation:

1. (in-person consultation): If you are a writer/aspiring author living in Orrville, Ohio or my surrounding area and are interested in hiring me for a novel consultation, understand that our designated meeting will take place somewhere in Orrville so obviously you must have transportation if you live elsewhere.

We will exchange a message or two about your writing concerns, set up a time and date, then we will meet in person and discuss any and all aspects of your novel or first draft or story idea or whatever you are concerned with. I will listen and advise you on everything plot, character, essential dramatic story structure architecture, editing tips and tricks guaranteed to improve your writing and novel, self-publishing . . . and/or pretty much anything else I possess knowledge of that has helped me become an award-winning and best-selling author which I guarantee will improve your writing and your potential novel.

Or 2. (electronic consultation): If you are a writer/aspiring author wishing novel consultation through the internet, please contact me as above so that we can exchange an email/message or two about your writing concerns. After which I will request you to send me information dependent upon the specific concerns of your story be it plot, editing, character, and/or story structure architecture (such as a one page synopsis of your potential novel, a ten page writing example from your novel or first draft, and a one page summation of the questions and concerns you have about your work, all of these submitted to me in the form of Word docs attached to your email).

I will then, as according to your specific requests, analyze your work with a meticulous and experienced eye then respond to you within one week fully addressing your concerns with detailed suggestions and expert advice on how best to rectify them as well how to improve them.


1. (in-person consultation): My fee is $100 (U.S.D.) cash upon meeting in person for one hour of consultation (or $105 U.S.D. payment through PayPal if you prefer to pay through this method before our meeting instead). But there exists leeway here because I will not end our meeting at exactly one hour if we are in the middle of discussion, and I will not charge you any extra if our discussion happens to continue a smidge past the one hour mark.

Or 2. (electronic consultation): If you choose electronic consultation then after a brief communication through email I will send you a PayPal payment request link for $105 U.S.D. Once your payment is secured, I will contact you with further instructions about our consultation as described above in the Process portion of the electronic consultation description.

I also provide copyediting services. My fee is $10 per 250 words (plus tax to cover the minimal PayPal fee). This works out to $105 U.S.D. for a ten page submission . . . or a 2,500 total word count (though we can negotiate the amount of pages if you want to submit more, but a ten page submission for copyediting is the minimum required).

I will assess your work then provide you a professionally copyedited Word doc version of it along with detailed notes about any changes, the reasons why, as well applicable suggestions about how to apply them to your writing.

Please contact me in the manner described above for further details if you wish to pursue this specific route. And take note: do not send me your best work. Mistakes exist as opportunities for learning, so to ensure the most improvement of your writing please provide me an example of your typical writing.

Understand that you might contact me during a busy time when I am helping numerous clients so that I may have to postpone our consultation until a later time. As well I am providing positive constructive criticism and not a negative censure of your writing. So please do not take either personally because they aren’t.

Vitriol (harsh criticism) and flattery (false praise) will not in any way improve your writing, which is why I provide honest feedback through practical advice and beneficial critique of your work.

I’m not here to disparage you or tell you what you want to hear, I’m here to instruct and encourage you by telling you what you need to hear. Because constructive criticism is how best to improve your writing.

So what are you waiting for?

Book your novel consultation with Adron now by clicking HERE (email), or HERE (facebook)!


-Adron J. Smitley

*please note: All novel consultations, client details and information exchanged remains private. Adron will not share anything about you or your submitted work publicly or to anyone else privately. In accordance to this privacy policy the client agrees to keep private any exchange of information pertaining to the consultation unless they are granted written permission by Adron. Though clients posting public reviews of their experience with and recommendations of Adron’s services to others is permissible. All payments are nonrefundable.


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